GymCity - Fitness tracker for Gym and its members

GymCity helps the gym owners manage their daily gym activities. It also let them connect to their gym members and track daily workouts, body measurement, invoicing etc. Users can use it for perfornal fitness tracking too.


Our client, a local gym was struggling to keep track of their member's regular invoicing, workout scheduling and regular workout tracking. They were also having a hard time communicating with their members to notify them about the changes in workout schedule, gym hours and trainer's availability. Members were getting frustrated with all the pen and paper management and were complaining about it. In some cases, the gym was losing members.


In the first phase, we created a mobile application that has member management with minimal data input. We also facilitate the gym with their biggest frogs, invoice management for the gym member which is auto-generated based on their membership packages and member's health record & body measurement. We implemented gym members’ regular workout schedule which all the gym trainers can set and update at any time.

In the next phase, we have created gym member profiles in the application where they can connect to the gym and get all the gym updates to their profile. Gym members, if they wish, can create their individual profiles to track their body measurements, workout schedules and health records. So, eventually, GymCity has become a fitness tracker for everyone.


Our client gym has benefited from this immensely. They have satisfied their customers very well. The members are connected and get updates regularly. They can also track their workout in the gym and outside. Gym trainers can also see which members are lagging behind and help them complete their exercises regularly.

Some other gyms also started to use this and reported to be benefitted from some feature changes too. GymCity has become a nice startup project for CodersBucket.

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